My mission is to inspire purposeful change so that
people can build and strengthen their relationships with colleagues, competitors, and co-workers, and in that process,
achieve their personal and professional goals. My vision is that the Duggan Difference LLC. & Solowingnow
will be known for enhanced learning that helps aspiring leaders turn knowledge into action.

Pat Duggan with the Duggan Difference
Pat Duggan with the Duggan Difference

The Duggan Difference LLC.

The Duggan Difference LLC is a woman/veteran-owned small business serving as a leading authority on developing competent, confident, resilient leaders. I offer my ideas, experience, inspiration, and strategic thinking as a performance consultant to help others find solutions to their leadership and communication challenges.

Pat Duggan

Patricia Duggan is the founder of The Duggan Difference and Solowingnow, a consultant and expert in leadership and communication. She is in the business of helping people become more competent, confident, and resilient. In addition to teaching courses and writing about change, she mentors early career professionals and coaches aspiring leaders. She uses her own significant life experiences to focus on the need to stay positive, be strong, have resilience, and find one’s purpose to regain clarity about life.

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A career professional turned widow, with expertise in leadership and communication, mom of three kids and grandma to six.
Solowingnow is a word I made up. It represents my status: part single, part widow .. now. 

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