The past is done; we can't change it.

But the future awaits; we can change everything.

Pat Duggan

Patricia Duggan is the founder of The Duggan Difference and Solowingnow, a consultant and expert in leadership and communication. She is in the business of helping people become more competent, confident, and resilient. In addition to teaching courses and writing about change, she mentors early career professionals and coaches aspiring leaders. She uses her own significant life experiences to focus on the need to stay positive, be strong, have resilience, and find one’s purpose to regain clarity about life. She authors the blog Solowingnow as an expression of the way she has changed as a result of grief and other transformative experiences.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership, a master’s degree in management, and is a Fellow of the Institute for Court Management. She is a lifelong learner, earning her the dubious distinction of being an overachiever, although she prefers the term “high achiever.” She completed the Leadership Institute in Judicial Education, has achieved Distinguished Toastmaster status, is a John C. Maxwell Team certified coach, is a certified trainer for The Change Cycle, is a past board member of the National Speakers Association-Virginia Chapter, is a member of the Non-Fiction Authors’ Association, and is a board member of her local homeowners' association.

Best of all, she has successfully raised three children, who are now adults busy raising her six grandchildren. Since they don’t live near her, she has expanded her household to include a few dogs as well.