There is no such thing as bad leadership! If it’s bad, it isn’t leadership.


workspace8_high_resThe Duggan Difference LLC is a woman/veteran-owned small business serving as a leading authority on developing competent, confident, resilient leaders. I offer my ideas, experience, inspiration, and strategic thinking as a performance consultant to help others find solutions to their leadership and communication challenges.

My mission is to inspire purposeful change so that people can build and strengthen their relationships with colleagues, competitors, and co-workers, and in that process, achieve their personal and professional goals. My vision is that the Duggan Difference will be known for enhanced learning that helps aspiring leaders turn knowledge into action.

As my client, your organization benefits through:

  • improved productivity and problem-solving skills
  • increased innovation and contribution
  • enhanced morale and working relationships
  • visible leadership and teamwork
  • boosted job satisfaction and appreciation

I have been recognized as a thought leader and have been requested by name as a keynote speaker, consultant, facilitator, trainer, coach or mentor:

What others have said

“I want to extend my sincere thanks for your encouragement. I kept your email in my Outlook inbox as inspiration both for this course and for my job in general.” Randall S., court administrator

“I am just sorry that I did not get to meet you sooner or work with you longer.” Robert G., circuit court judge

“Your leadership has clearly been a steadying, modernizing, and encouraging force.” Justin G., staff attorney

“visionary and source of change”
“reinvigorated our judiciary”
“outstanding leader and a model of excellence in public service”