For many people, the concept of “coaching” is one where someone comes up with a plan, teaches a group how to implement it, and sends you out to win the game. In business, this concept is turned around somewhat, although winning in the end is a desirable result.

A coach in this model works with you, one on one most of the time, helping you identify where there may be imbalances in your life, or gently pushing you to turn your own experiences into insights, and holding you accountable by challenging the status quo.  You come up with your plan, with some objective assistance, and the coach creates the motivational environment that helps you to start and finish your goals.

More and more mid-career professionals are now joining the ranks of senior-level professionals seeking coaching help to reach higher goals, prepare them forwpdm_pen_paper_hires promotion, discover and change beliefs that may be holding them back, and taking action to make their visions a reality.

The results from coaching are not only more progress made on goals, but increased self-discipline, confidence, and motivation. If you want to make a career transition, or complete a project that has lost momentum, or if it’s time for you to take a closer look at yourself and your life, coaching can help you.  Maybe you have one particular speech you need to give and are in need of some polishing and fine-tuning.  Are you ready to take control, move forward, and create the strategies and actions that will create the life you want?

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