As a facilitator, I am a catalyst in the process of helping people communicate and work together. I am a consultant who designs work sessions with a specific focus or intent, an advisor to bring out the potential of working groups, someone who draws out participation from everyone, helps resolve conflict, and provides structure to make sure goals are met. I create the framework for meetings that allow people to make way for open discussions, to dialogue and accomplish their purpose faster, and to confirm that there is ultimately a common understanding of what has occurred and will happen next.

The value of facilitated meetings, events, or retreats include:

  • Creating a culture of involvement that encourages active participation and creative thinking
  • Creating a positive management culture where people are involved in problem solving and decision making
  • A sense of ownership that engenders a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to their organization
  • An environment where trust is built and nurtured through an open and caring flow of information.

The value of facilitation is that people feel protected during the process of accomplishing a task or designing a solution to problems. The focus is on the content of the problem, with a neutral and objective resource. Staying focused, strengthening relationships, and getting the job done enables your organization to work better, smarter, faster.

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