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Last week was an incredible (as in amazing, not unbelievable, because I do believe) week in terms of abundance making its way to me. I have been focusing on having a lifestyle full of abundance: abundant health, abundant friends, abundant money and other gifts, abundant love. Let me tell you about three messages I received that validate how not only the Law of Attraction works but how the world works. I didn’t just manifest these things, I truly believe these are proof that the Universe responds to what we need.


First, I got a phone call from my friend Linda. We were both court administrators back in the mid-to-late ’90s, in the same judicial district in Minnesota.  I left there in 2000, and she retired not too long after that.  We managed to see each other once during these intervening years, and there has also been the infrequent phone call and, of course, Facebook.  Last week Tuesday she called me and told me how much she loves reading this blog. In fact, she wanted to know when I would turn it into a book she can buy because she wants to give it as a gift. Her brother passed away recently, and she thinks her sister-in-law could use some support.  I was thrilled to hear from her, sad about the brother, and flattered by her encouragement to continue my efforts. You might think this was a bit of a random call (but it wasn’t, according to the Universe); it came at a time when I have been in need of support for starting my own business. I felt validated.  Thanks, Linda!


Then, on Wednesday night, I got another “random” phone call. Pauly was a very good friend of my mother, and she lost her husband after a 5 year battle with cancer about a year ago.  I have been friendly with Pauly, see her occasionally at family events (the last time was a year ago at my niece’s wedding).  I must have been outside with dogs and missed the call but she left me a voice mail message that said this:

“I just felt moved to tell you that I appreciate your blog and I appreciate what you are doing with your business.  You are really an inspiration and I want to thank you. I hope you continue to do well.  You’re helping me to get along with my – whatever you want to call it – widowship? or whatever it is. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you.” 

How amazing is that?  I called her back the next night, and we had a lovely conversation.  She also has a step-daughter who recently suffered a loss, and she hopes she will at least read the blog if not talk to me for that necessary listening ear. I felt “right,” like I am on the right path. Thanks, Pauly! (I saved your voice mail.)


But that’s not all.  Saturday I went to a Toastmasters speech contest in Chesapeake, about 60 miles or so from here. I met a woman named Carol, who has light black hair like me, except she puts purple streaks in hers.  (Oh, yes, I am considering it!)  We hit it off instantly, and it turns out she lost her husband two weeks after Kevin passed away.  We agreed to have lunch soon. Yesterday morning I got this email from her:

When I met you yesterday, it was like looking in a mirror of my life. I was so surprised and delighted to know you are working through the same things I am for the same reasons. I have so got to get to know you better. I am not going to overwhelm you. I just wanted to know how you are doing some  of the things you are into.”

I felt needed like I have something of value to share with her. And it’s all good, no pity parties planned.  Thanks, Carol! (I saved your email.)

Abundant blessings and gratitude

So here I am, looking to feed my soul, and along come three amazing women all in one week, to offer nourishment.  I am so grateful for their friendship, their messages, and their timing. And I am doubly grateful that I am in a place emotionally and intellectually where I can recognize this blessing.  Thank you, God!!  And all because Kevin passed to the next place.  I miss you still, and I think of you all the time, but mostly, I thank you for showing me who I can be.  This business thing was our plan for quite a while, and now I’m doing it! A year ago I couldn’t see this as an option, but now I can’t see how I missed it. I was blessed to have you in my life, and I’m now blessed by you. PS-I trust the money will follow soon.  ;o)


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