By the numbers solowing now blog 45 days gone from home, so far, and another 21 planned, more or less
1,476 miles so far, door to door, not counting sightseeing, wrong turns, shopping, eating, and joy rides; 3,051 more miles expected to get me back to Virginia 5 different “campsites” so far, including one yard and one driveway 23 visits from friends and family in Minnesota (some came by more than once) 1 winery visited (with requisite wine flight tested), and 3 coffee houses (one with coffee flight) 6 nieces, 3 nephews, and 5 kiddos spent time with, here and in Ohio 5 nights with an overnight guest, so far
$760 spent on campground fees $554.59 spent on gas to get here, + $105 tolls (some balance remaining on EZ Pass yet) 1 2008 blue Chrysler Sebring convertible purchased!
990 miles put on convertible already, joy-riding but about half to get it checked out mechanically and to visit family $240 spent on a new car (floor mats, mechanic check/oil change, seat cover, leather cleaners, windshield screen, gas, extra key) 5 women, I met here that I have exchanged contact info with 4 jars of pickles,1 bottle of Western-style dressing bought (+3 jars pickles and 1 Western for gifts), and 5# favorite coffee to take home 7 souvenir coffee mugs purchased (4 as gifts) Best buy: 2 Hummel wine glasses found in a thrift store, to replace broken ones and complete set I have had since 1977) for $4 each!!!!!


  1. Phyllisreller

    Don’t forget the rhubarb treats and walleye in mn 🙂 love you girlfriend….be safe in your travels

  2. What an adventure! Thanks for your chronicles. Love it! ❤️

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