Flying solo, but not alone

A few interesting things have been happening lately, somewhat funny, maybe a little spooky if you’re of that mind. I choose to think that they are just proof of how the world works and who’s in it (it’s not always who you see).

First, I had a flashlight I was talking to the camper last week. It didn’t work, so I threw out the old batteries (set 1) and put in different ones I had on hand  (set 2). They didn’t work either, and I thought they must be old or cheap. I bought new batteries (set 3), which also didn’t work.  I took those batteries (set 3)  out and again put in the other set (2) thinking that I’ll save what are likely the “good” batteries (set 3) for something else. I put the flashlight in a junk basket by the sink.  Two nights later I was sitting at the kitchen table reading, and the flashlight turned on all by itself. I even heard it “click” on.  It stayed on until I shut it off.  It works fine now.

Then, I had a dream on Tuesday night in which Kevin came to sit on the bed by me. He told me to just rest, to calm down, that everything was going to work out fine and be okay.  Just like I had wished earlier.  He put his arm around me and pulled my head to his chest, right where I used to snuggle upon his shoulder.  It was so real I woke up, but he wasn’t there any longer. It was 3:28 am.  I had been waking up at that time every night for the previous week, but not any longer.

Today, I was sitting at my computer typing in my office. I heard this sudden crash, like something had fallen but not broken. I ventured into the hallway and looked around. The trash can in the powder room had fallen from the back of the commode and the top came off, spilling empty toiler paper rolls around the room.  Both dogs were with me in my office. There is no window in that bathroom, and it’s not located where it is subject to other air circulation. Besides, it’s been rainy all day and the windows in the house are closed.

Just when it seems like I’m at the edge of being overwhelmed, I remind myself that I’m not alone.  And then the Universe proves I am right. Whether you call it God, or Father/ Mother, or something else, what I have learned is that being in alignment with Source requires that I come into alignment with Myself.  This is how it seems to me.  If something feels like it’s just too much to handle, or feels off or wrong, I focus on what I do want, what is right- for me, and what feels good.  Then my experience seems to improve.  It’s a bit of a challenge to remember this (ha!), but it gets easier the more I practice.  I know I ask a lot of Her right now, so I’m also learning how to listen for answers.

I think the flashlight means that if I turn my problems over to Source, they will be handled. The dream means that because I hold Kevin in my heart, he will always be with me. As important as our thoughts are, our feelings are stronger.  As for the trash can, I realized that I was making a bigger deal out of what I was working on than was called for.  It’s not trash, but don’t make this project more complicated than it is.

It’s satisfying to tap into this layer of understanding, and especially to feel that it is right. It doesn’t feel woo-woo or scary or like I’m losing my marbles. My soul is being fed in mysterious ways. And I like it!


  1. I get the same feeling that I am never alone. I feel that God is with me and I still feel that Maurice is looking after me also.

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