Moving Day(s)

Last night I started the physical transition piece of my sabbatical.  I emptied two bookcases that were in my Diva Den and hall landing area upstairs, and I slid them down the staircase and shuffled them into place in my home office. I had to take things off the walls and move two bookcases already in the office.  (Read: I like books!)  I have some bare spaces upstairs now, but once I get that gun cabinet chic’d up, it’ll look great up there.  As for the office, I think I’m going to like it as well, but I probably have to get rid of the nice recliner.

Today I went to the other office and packed up six (yes, 6) boxes, and one briefcase with the books and other items I’ve kept there, some wall art, and a few of the colored markers, extra coffee cups, personal toiletries, etc. that accumulated over my time here. I probably have another 2-3 boxes of stuff yet to pack up…files, other desk paraphernalia, food, Kleenex, etc.  It’s odd to think of packing up a 25-year career in a few boxes.  And now I have no wall space at home to hang extra pictures or bulletin boards, so the work of prioritizing begins.  But I’m a saver (not a hoarder) and someday my kids and grandkids will be joyous at finding the special “artwork” they have made me over the years, so I save on.

And while I’m transitioning out of one phase of my life to await the discovery of The Next Big Thing, today I also moved in the direction of making new connections in the areas of support and encouragement. I attended the NSA-Virginia meeting here in town and met a soul sister. We had lunch after the meeting and found we have a lot in common.  She is Liz, a Whole-Being Well-Being Whiz, and she helps busy people claim health, wealth, and happiness.  I am excited at the prospect of attending a retreat at her place on the Eastern Shore, to learn about creating a meditation practice and developing some other essential wellness habits.

Good things are happening!


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