My Own Deflategate

Yesterday and today have been full of So No Fun detail work. Having brought home all my STUFF from the work office, I had to make room for it. I still have two boxes of papers and files to do something with, but the office is primarily done.  It’s a good thing I decided to tackle it now because one of the files I came across was my “exit interview” file from work, which contained all the info about COBRA rights for continuing health insurance and converting my life insurance to individual policies.

Memories from the last 20 years overwhelm

So, first, cleaning the home office closet. I had previously stashed boxes I hadn’t taken time to cull through when we moved in almost two years ago. Out came boxes of pictures and the trivial collection of things from my office in South Dakota.  Memories jumped out as soon as I opened the first box.  Eventually, I made headway, and some boxes were transported upstairs to the Diva Den, a/k/a my craft room and the place for all the other stuff I don’t know what to do with. More boxes and tubs had to be gone through to make room for the “new” boxes.  But these were the more personal things – old love letters, family and school pictures, cards from flowers delivered by a florist, even my old high school ring and Girl Scout sash – complete with badges and pins.  For some reason, the flood gates opened, and three hours later I was on the phone to my sister Peggy to get help in stopping the tears. I was overwhelmed with the crap (that’s a Kevin word for anything of mine he would not have saved) to be sorted. And I was deflated with the idea of starting over again in my life. It felt like the last 20 years have just – poof! – meant nothing.  I’m right back where I was in 1991 after my divorce, trying to figure out my future. Thankfully, Peggy was successful in helping me calm down, and she even convinced me to not just torch everything or toss it. This morning I felt better (even though I did throw out three bags of papers and old letters).

Obamacare turns out okay for me

Now, today. I got out the COBRA paperwork and tried to read it. Then I went on to the Health Care Exchange thing site. Still confused, I called a neighbor, Dee, who has worked in the individual policy-insurance field for a long time. Eventually, I got on the phone with the people at the Health Care place (after a 39-minute hold, if you can believe that). Another 30 minutes after that I was signed up for health insurance through the Obama plan, at a sweet discount since I’m not earning any income,  especially when compared to COBRA rates.  But I still had to go back to the COBRA plan for coverage for the month of December.  All in all, four hours of my time, and nearly $800 spent.  I’ll tackle life insurance tomorrow…

And taxes due today

…because today is the Virginia deadline to pay the second half of Personal Property Taxes for the year.  I had to talk to the Commissioner of Revenue and the Treasurer’s office, each twice because Kevin’s Chevy truck (turned over last January) and the boat (sold in October) were still on the account.  It was another deflating hour retelling the story of Kevin’s death and getting the records all straightened out. The good news is that they waived a $353 delinquency for not paying the truck taxes back in June!

I think I’ll go out and treat myself to supper tonight.  I’ve earned it. Mexican sounds good.

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