Priorities clear today

There’s nothing like children (or grandchildren in my case) to help one keep things simple and stay focused on the present moment.  I’m reminded that this is what’s important – life. Period.  It’s about being happy, not seeing how much we can get done in a day.  I took Nikos to preschool today and then found the local Starbucks. I realized I was enjoying my coffee much more in the sunshine here in Ventura, with nothing else to do, than if I were at home and had a list of things on my desk waiting for me.


We’ve been playing a 3-year old’s version of basketball. He’s ahead 183 to 12.  He says to me, “Grandma, you’re just not very good!”  We’re also eating PJ&J, and laughing at silly things, anticipating the Clipper’s game and “basketball pasta” for supper.  Except for updating this blog, the only other task I’ve even attempted to do today is called a friend for some catch-up time.  I could feel a little stress I do have these days just slide off my shoulders as we talked, feet up, with a cuppa at my fingertips.  Life is so much better when I’m not hurrying, and when I’m daydreaming a little.  Even though I’m on a sabbatical, a vacation is a good thing! I’m grateful for all of this.


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    I love this!

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