September is the new January

I read on Facebook or Pinterest recently that “September is the new January.” It was in connection with a back-to-school promotion maybe or planning or a fall house cleaning concept or something.  For me, it resonated because Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and while many are reaping and harvesting, for me it has always been a time of planning and planting.  There is the mounting excitement for the upcoming holidays, and the subtle end-of-year pressure to finish what I have started, or start what I have yet to get done.

A couple of the bigger things I have not gotten to in the preceding 8 months of this year include going through Kevin’s hunting or fishing gear and finding new homes for it; power-washing the garage floor; and getting a fence up in the back yard. Some of the smaller things include …. well, actually, there aren’t any smaller things left undone. I have done most of what I set out to do, and a few more.  Like developing some friendships here in the neighborhood and in town in general, getting more involved in Toastmasters, camping, and visiting my extended family. What I hadn’t planned on was starting my business, which had consumed most of the past four months.  This is my sabbatical year, and I am happy to say I have also reset my internal clock, lost a few pounds, read dozens of books, walked miles and miles, and let go of my old dreams to make way for new ones. All things being equal (which I know they are not), I’d have to declare the year a success, even though it’s not over yet.

The turning leaves remind me of how I am also turning around. My own color has gone from bluesy nostalgia to sunshine yellow and blushing pink. The crisper air is in balance with my own fresh perspective these days.  The early arrival of pumpkin-everything is in sync with how I am also accelerating my work plans.  The general anticipation in the air is contagious, as I prepare for yet another meeting with potential clients.

I will still write down my 2017 goals around the time of the New Year. But for now, I’m happy that I still have autumn to enjoy.  It’s comforting to know that the best is yet to come. My life cycle for my new year is starting again.


  1. I’ve grown fond of September, too. As a city girl, I grew up in Los Angeles and summer was my favorite time of year. It was so tropical; there was no changing of the leaves, and certainly no snow! But since moving to Virginia nearly 20 years ago, I’ve found summers oppressive and snow bothersome. But the fall … ahhhh!

    Pat, your “trip on the path of grief” has been so amazing. I’ve loved reading your column and appreciate your transparency about what you’re going through. You have remained so positive and energetic, and that’s been so inspirational. Thank you for this blog — and for being the terrific person you are!

  2. Pat

    Oh, Denise, thank you!! This just made my “good days” folder (see my blog on Duggan Difference). It’s wonderful friends like you who have accepted me as I am that has helped me become more of who I am now. Love you!

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