It’s time to get back on track here. I could easily blame the hurdles of not enough time, doubts or fears  about acceptability or interest, and just not knowing what to say, not being inspired. Today I wrote a blog post on my other site, the one I keep about what it’s like to find yourself somewhat single – but still in an emotional  relationship as a widow – and living  alone (but more just being alone) for the first time in my life. I call it “Solowingnow,” a mashup of living solo, being a widow, technically being single, now. Solo-widow-single, solowing, Solowingnow.

Anyway, in today’s post, available here, I connected a few dots:  a speaker (author/publisher) I heard the other night, two books I’ve read recently (on writing and on competence/genius/excellence), and a cancelled appointment. I do love it when life makes sense! So if you’re curious about choosing between  discipline and commitment, or you want to know about time paradigms called Newtonian Time and Einstein Time, check out my other blog.

And check back here now and again. I am making a commitment to revive this blog and bring you to a place of reflection and inspiration, so we can make a difference together.

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