I’m so excited to get this website up!  I think putting up a website is somewhat like being pregnant.  You plan and plan and plan, and wait months, and eventually you go into labor, before finally giving birth. Then you spend the rest of your life (and most of your money) keeping it alive and growing and healthy.  There are moments of awe and wonder and terror, friends and school, scrapes and bruises,  crushes and heartaches, and …

I’ve done this before – starting something new, I mean. Sometimes it’s been starting over in a new town or in a new job. Mostly, it’s been learning new things, through formal classes, seminars, workshops, hard knocks, and trial and error.  Occasionally I’ve been gifted with insights and support. Other times I have let my insecurities get in the way of progress.  Now, here I am, the proud parent of a plan to ready others for achieving their goals in the areas of experience, growth, and contribution.  As a performance consultant, I am privileged to help develop competent, confident, resilient leaders and great communicators.

Welcome to the Duggan Difference!

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