Books to Read

One of the things I’m looking forward to during my sabbatical is reading.  I’ve got little stacks of books I’ve either gotten at garage sales, or been given by a friend, or found on Amazon. They are in the living room, my bedroom, and even the kitchen counter. Here are just a few of them. Some I’ve actually read before but I want to look at again. If you’ve got a recommendation, I’d like to hear it!  I especially need some good, trashy romance novels to balance out my days!

books to read


  1. Robin S.

    I just finished Goldfinch. It won a Pulitzer. It was well written and I felt a variety of emotions reading through it. It’s a long one and doesn’t fit the category of trashy romance.

    Mom turned me on to a series by Marie Force. There are several and all start with Fatal . All in this series fit in the trashy romance with some suspense thrown in as well. Based in DC. Find them on Amazon.

    I am enjoying reading your posts. You have inspired me to dust off my piano/organ and get back to my lessons. Maybe we can play a duet some day. Hugs.

  2. Jennifer

    Girl on a Train. Liane Moriaty. Both of her books, The Husbands Secret and Big Little Lies. Missing you at the NACM board meeting 🙂

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